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"Michael’s vision is truly epic and his concepts amaze me. Burn in Hades is a story that, like Rowling’s, contains layers upon layers of meaning all wrapped within an entertaining story and sandwiched between intriguing characters." —Susan P. SipalAuthor of A Writer’s Guide to Harry Potter

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Cross never forgives because he never forgets.

Haunted by the Hell of his past transgressions, he sets out on an epic journey across the underworld to paradise—not to frolic in the gardens with the righteous, but to drink from the river Lethe which causes complete forgetfulness. 

He’s a rare soul who remembers his life before death, known throughout the underworld as “The Man Who Remembers”. There’s a bounty on his memories, and envious spirits hunt his head to steal them.

Erasing his mind will get the spirits off his neck and allow him to keep his crown on its throne, but he will have to continue his afterlife in an ignorant bliss. Even more unfortunate for him, paradise is guarded by a great wall that annihilates any soul that gets too close. No member of the damned has ever broken in.

Burn in Hades is an action packed and fast-paced fantasy by Michael L. Martin Jr. It is the first book in the Life After Death trilogy and is approximately 113,000 words long (about 400 printed pages).


Martin has built a world so rich and complex, fans are eagerly picking apart every word and hunting for clues! Burn in Hades bridges mythology from over fourteen different cultures with Martin’s original concepts and will engage both loyal and casual fantasy readers.

Taking inspiration from Sergio Leone’s epic spaghetti western, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Martin weaves a sweeping tale of battles, betrayals, and unlikely bonds. The plot revolves around three main characters: a human soul who goes by the name Cross; a fallen angel called The Raven, who follows her own law; and a demon named Diamond Tooth, who’s simply terrifying.

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"There is so much creativeness flowing through this book it is truly a fantasy book for the everyone. And lots and lots of magic." — Amy_Read to My Heart’s Content