I’ve opened submissions for two reasons:

  1. Because my writing often pulls me away from the Internet for stretches of time and I’d prefer to keep this blog active.
  2. For you! Sometimes you come across something awesome and you want to share it, but it might exist outside the theme of your normal posts to tumblr. If you really want to share it without risk of scaring off your dedicated followers, submit it here (if it fits the guidelines below).


Newsy Type Stuff [tag: news]

This section is purely informational. Your submission to this section should be news worthy. Submit stories that no one else is talking about, but should be. Learn us some new stuff and things.

Bookish [tag: lit]

All about books, books, books. Submit pictures of books/libraries, links to articles/blog posts about books, quotes, musings, etc.

Entertainment [tag: video]

Videos only. Found a cool short film on Vimeo or an interesting YouTube clip that you want to share? By all means, we’d love to check it out!

Funny [tag: lol]

Make us lol.

Geeky [tag: geeky]

In which you submit the nerdiest, geekiest, Fanboyish/girlish material there ever was.

Dopeness [tag: dopeness]

Pictures only. Submit the dopest, freshest, illest pictures you’ve seen all day.

Sciencey [tag: science]

Submit intriguing posts from the world of science because we need some smarts.

Philosophy [tag: philosophy]

Submit thought-provoking philosophical posts that will open our minds to new ideas.

Lovely Ladies [tag: lovely ladies]

All Lovely Ladies submissions must feature a girl (or girls) with a book (or books) or must be book “themed” in some way. Cosplay is also accepted.

  • All types of photos are accepted from HQ professional photos to self-shots from your mobile. However, only the most clear and focused will be selected.
  • Nudity is also welcome as long as it’s classy and artsy. No explicit material.

For Each Submission You may:

  • Note what you want to put after “submitted by:” (ex. a name, a link, anonymous)
  • Include any information you want to include with the post (ex. a link to your tumblr or website, or any text that you would like to be placed in the caption.)

Approved submissions are placed in queue for auto-posting and published in the order received.

You may also email submissions and/or questions to:

Don’t forget to choose the appropriate tag(s).

Thank you for your submission. :)