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We are all becoming stupid

(by kylecease)

Comedian Kyle Cease has a melt down and rants about America.

I don’t agree with every view expressed in this video, and Kyle gets a little rambly at times, but there’s at least some truth to his point regarding the media we choose to consume and, more interestingly, the media we choose to ignore. It’s worth thinking about.

A small-scale and personal example is what I’ve noticed about which posts of mine get liked, reblogged, retweeted, etc. It ain’t the science posts or the philosophy posts, and especially not anything political in nature. (Even this text might be borderline tl;dr for the Internets.) I’m never even sure if anyone sees those posts because they receive very little reaction, if any at all.

But the pretty pictures of beaches and clouds, and the gifs of cute little kittens get significant and disproportionate attention.

On a much larger scale we can observe this in things like which television programs get the most ratings and which ones get the least and which ones go down in flames. Ratings are not the most accurate gauges (which is a whole other blog post), but it’s one of the only meters we have at the moment for measuring our viewing habits on TV and sometimes it can be extremely telling about our culture.

Cute and funny things are awesome. I enjoy them as much as any normal person. But I also feel that it’s important, for me at least, to try to be well rounded in the media I consume. I never turn my brain off and I’m dedicated to being balanced. So, I try to tailor my blog in that light and will continue to do so for as long I keep a blog. I don’t blog specifically for reactions, but I do observe what does get a reaction and what kind. And I find it all interesting.


Season 2, Episode 3 of “Community” is called Abed’s Story. He doesn’t seem to be featured at all, but if you rewatch the story he actually is helping a woman give birth throughout the entire episode.

This was referenced to, by Abed, in the episode where Shirley was giving birth and Abed stepped up to help. It also airs 9 months after the “STD Fair” episode.

I didn’t notice it the first time I watched.

The first time I saw this episode, I didn’t notice it until about halfway through the ep. It’s one of the coolest storytelling devices ever done on network TV.